Asset Management Solution – The Asset Tracker with 360 Degree Visibility

Enterprises face challenges to manage their critical assets effectively. From copiers, laptops, networking equipment to audio visual instruments….IT devices are the mainstay of every organisation. Accurately tracking and proper management of these assets will allow you to control your technology landscape easily. Our solution keep tabs on every asset your organisation own and ensure every of your employees are equipped with the tools they need for daily work force.

1) Consolidate Assets & Know The Whereabouts
Our solution make tracking infinitely easier. We store every conceivable piece of information of your organisation assets.

2) Risk Detection
Ensure software licenses on all devices remains compliant over the time and trigger refresh to maximise the productivity.

3) Review Asset Demands & Reporting
Know which assets are in demands, with data & charts that show the movement history and the frequency of each operating system being installed and simultaneously facilitate on your purchasing of assets.

4) Expedite Ticket Resolutions
Get a full picture of asset life through our service desk and automatically gather and capture each asset’s incident to have a better evaluate break-fixes and changes in future.